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If Your Water Has Turned Brown Here is What to Do

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If you have been wondering, “Why is my water brown?” Vaughan Comfort Services’ experts are standing by to provide answers. Contact us today for assistance!

Why Is My Water Brown?

If you have been wondering, “Why is my water brown?” at home or work, you’re not alone. Brown water can occur for a variety of reasons, which often require professionals to address.

Of course, when you go to turn on the sink or shower, you expect clear, fresh hot water. When anything other than that comes out, it could be alarming for your family or employees at your place of work.

And for businesses, it’s especially crucial to take care of problems with brown water as soon as possible because of the negative impression it will make on vendors, customers, and other visitors.

While the brown water might not be dangerous, its look is not good in your home or workplace, where everyone expects pristine tap water.

Fortunately, our plumbing experts are standing by to help. Since opening our doors for business back in 1937 in New Jersey, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve developed in the local community for our outstanding, expert HVAC and plumbing services. You can rest assured that our well-trained and certified technicians can diagnose the problem with your plumbing and then devise a customized plan to remedy it.

If you have discolored water that will not go away, call the plumbing services professionals at Vaughan Comfort Services today!

Is Brown Water Harmful?

Be aware that if the water discoloration is caused by sediment, rust, or minerals, it is likely safe to drink, but it may carry an unpleasant odor. Ideally, you will filter the water until we can identify the source of the problem.

The appearance and odor of brown water may be disconcerting, and it might have a “tangy” taste. According to a report from HomeServe, brown water with a strange odor or taste does not necessarily mean it is unsafe, but it’s not a good idea to assume it is fine to drink, especially when the discoloration occurs suddenly.

Since water with yellow or brown discoloration can harm clothing when you wash with it, and because it can leave stains on plumbing fixtures when not addressed, it’s in your best interest to figure out what’s causing the issue with the help of seasoned professionals, such as the team at Vaughan Comfort Services.

Why is My Water Discolored?

Discolored water, such as yellow or brown water coming from your rusty pipes, is likely caused by sediments or rust. Homeowners and business owners alike may be surprised to learn that rust, sedimentary deposits, and minerals can build up over the years in the water main.

In general, brown water can occur when there is rust or oxidized iron. If these contaminants are disturbed, they can start to appear in the water coming out of your taps.

What Are Common Reasons For Brown Water?

shower head with rust

Sometimes, brown water appears in your home’s pipes because the water heater has built-up rust inside, according to American Home Shield Corporation. Or, in cases of profound corrosion, the pipes themselves have grown rusted over the years, and now the rusty material is breaking off of the pipes’ interiors, causing your water supply to become discolored.

Aside from problems with your home’s water heater or plumbing situation, the other common reasons for brown water are nearby construction activity, main breaks, increased water flow, or the oxidization of iron.

During construction, workers may affect pipes to the point that they release their rust or iron into the flowing water that soon enters your home via the water main.

When the firefighters open up a fire hydrant while battling a nearby blaze, it often leads to a dramatic surge of water flowing through local pipes, causing minerals to become free and make the water change color with these contaminants throughout the water supply.

How Can You Get Rid of Brown Water?

It’s admirable when homeowners would like to take the do-it-yourself approach to solve a nagging plumbing problem like brown water. There are a number of methods that you can to get rid of brown water in your home.

Run the Faucet

The first thing to try, according to HomeServe, is to turn on a cold water tap and let it run for about 20 minutes. If you notice that the water eventually does clear up, the problem may have been temporary, resulting from some sediment getting stirred up after the pipes had not been used for a while.

Do You Have Well Water?

well water line

If you obtain water from a private well instead of getting your home’s drinking water from the municipal water system, this could be a temporary issue. As any local plumber can tell you, after periods of heavy rainfall, the local water table can fluctuate to such a degree that it stirs up excessive iron oxide, to the point that the water treatment cannot keep up with the water coming out of your faucet. In this type of situation, we recommend that you look into adding an iron removal system for your well water, which we can consult with you about.

Use a Filter

Adding a dedicated water filtration system may be your best option to protect your dwelling’s drinking water. Keep in mind that due to the complexity of modern filter systems for home water, you may need to hire a professional to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the equipment to ensure it keeps your water free of discoloration.

Ask Your Neighbors

It’s prudent to investigate whether the brown water is confined to your home or if other folks nearby suffer from the same problem. So, ask your neighbors if they have been seeing brown water coming out of their taps, too. If you have evidence that discolored water affects multiple neighbors, it’s a strong indication of an issue with the city’s water system.

If none of these methods help you succeed in eliminating brown water, it’s best to contact a professional, licensed plumber, such as one of the experts at Vaughan Comfort Services.

Unable to Clear the Brown Water From Your Home?

If your DIY efforts to clear the brown water from your abode do not succeed, it may be time for you to call for a professional plumber to come to your home and resolve the issue.

Our Team is Highly Equipped to Eliminate Persistent Brown Water

When the cold water turns brown in your home or business in the greater South Jersey community, it’s essential to find out the cause and then work with plumbing experts to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

Whether you need assistance in installing a new water softener or a thorough evaluation of your home’s plumbing system and plumbing pipes, a local plumber with years of experience should come to find out exactly why the city water or well water is showing signs of corrosion or mineral buildup.

You deserve access to clean water that does not present a health hazard to your family or employees. A professional plumber from Vaughan Comfort Services will look into your water quality to determine whether you have brown tap water or rusty water coming through your home’s water lines and why.

Indeed, rusty water caused by corroding, rusted pipes, mineral buildup, or corrosion is a problem you will want to solve today. We’ll be happy to advise you on installing a water filtration system, if needed, to ensure that water stops coming out in a brownish hue. Before you know it, you’ll have access to clear water, instead of continuing to wonder, “Why is my water brown?”

If you have questions about why your water is brown or would like to book an appointment for service to address problems with your home’s water supply, please call the professionals at Vaughan Comfort Services at 856-627-0303 today. Alternatively, please feel free to complete the online contact form to speak with one of our plumbing experts.

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