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Three Signs that It’s Time to Upgrade Your Heating System

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Figuring out when to replace your heating system can be tricky. Perhaps you moved into a home with an older system, and you’re hoping to rely on it for as long as you can before making the investment in a new one. Or, maybe you have lived in your home for a long time and know your system is reaching the end of its usable lifespan. In any case, here are three warning signs which will make it clear that an upgrade is in order.

New Heater Warning Sign 1: Skyrocketing Energy Costs

Many homeowners hope to ride it out with an old heating system until it finally stops working. While this logic is not entirely unsound, it breaks down when an old system becomes so inefficient that the heating bill ticks up each month. Older systems simply must cycle on more and work harder to maintain indoor temperatures, which inevitably results in a more expensive heating bill. While a small investment in keeping an older system running can be cost-effective, an inefficient system that is costing you more each month will quickly become more trouble than it’s worth.

New Heater Warning Sign 2: Unreliable Thermostat

Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your thermostat in order to achieve a comfortable temperature? Are some rooms in your home colder (or much warmer) than others, no matter how much you tinker with the thermostat and vents? As heating systems age, their ability to evenly warm a space decreases. This may not be a problem if your family is ok with making some lifestyle changes like using additional blankets at night and dressing warmly around the house. But especially if you live with young children or elderly persons, you may want to act on this warning sign sooner rather than later.

New Heater Warning Sign 3: Unexplained Dust or Soot

Older furnaces can begin to release dust and dirt particles into the air. You may even notice soot accumulating near the vents or registers. This is usually due to a furnace that is producing carbon monoxide which is not being properly vented, a major health concern for your family. It’s likely that this issue will crop up more with very old models, as building codes have changed dramatically over the decades. Investing in a new heating system will definitely address this problem and give you the peace of mind you need to feel assured your family is safe.

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