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Should I Pursue a Service Contract for My HVAC Appliances?

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Many homeowners are curious but unsure about whether to secure a service contract for their heating and air conditioning units. In this post, we will review what is generally included in service contracts and explore the benefits of purchasing a service contract for your HVAC appliances.

What Is a Service Contract?

A service contract constitutes an agreement between a homeowner and an HVAC company to provide the homeowner, in exchange for a monthly or yearly fee, with access to certain maintenance and diagnostic services at no cost.

Nicole Harms, writing for Angie’s List, provides a helpful overview of service contracts, noting that: “With the most basic contracts, the service includes a checkup and tune-up emphasizing your heating system at the start of the winter and air conditioning system before summer. You can also find contracts that include parts and service for problems found during those checkups, and some will even include emergency service.”

In addition to these periodic services, she continues, service contracts “sometimes also include priority treatment, which can save you time and discomfort when your heater fails in the freezing cold or your air conditioner blows out in the heat of summer The more services the contract includes, the more you will pay.”

Benefits of Investing in a HVAC Service Contract

The most important benefit to investing in an HVAC service contract is the peace of mind it brings. Most homeowners, even those who are DIY-minded, do not have the specialized knowledge and training necessary to perform seasonal HVAC maintenance, and without this maintenance, you are putting your system at risk for any number of malfunctions. Enlisting a professional to keep an eye on your system and address potential issues before they crop up leaves you feeling confident that your system is as well-cared for as possible.

The financial benefit of a service contract is also important to consider.


Depending upon the rates of the company you contract with, one repair could easily outpace the cost of a contract for an entire year. As many service contracts cover parts and service, it is easy to see how they are a smart bet when weighed against the cost of just one HVAC repair.

Service contracts do more than ease your mind and save you money in the short term, though. They are an investment in the long-term health of your HVAC system. If you would like to discuss whether a service contract might be right for you, contact us through our page or by calling (856) 627-0303 today!

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