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Plumbers in South Jersey

Why you should choose Vaughan Comfort Services for your plumbing needs:

  • Our customer service representatives are available 24/7 to take your call for emergency plumbing services.
  • We offer prompt, reliable plumbing services that are guaranteed to work.
  • We ensure that the job is done right the first time. 
  • We are locally owned and operated.
  • Our repairmen are trained to find potential future emergencies and nip them in the bud before they become a bigger issue. 
  • We offer upfront pricing so you’re never left in the dark.

You have worked hard to maintain the comfort of your home and keep it up and running smoothly for your family. Don’t let an unmaintained plumbing system be your undoing! Instead call Vaughan Comfort Services today at 856-627-0303

Vaughan Comfort welcomes
master plumber Tom Weaver to the team.

Learn why we chose Tom and decided to provide plumbing services in this video!

Get the Services of Quality Plumbers in South New Jersey

Finding a quality HVAC and plumbing company in Southern New Jersey doesn’t have to be a nightmare. At Vaughan Comfort Services, we are proud to serve the southern New Jersey community with a wide range of plumbing services available. From a new water heater installation to drain cleaning and sump pumps, our employees are ready to provide your home or business with the plumbing services you need in Camden County, Burlington County, and Gloucester County.

We know what it takes to provide professional, quality work to the homeowners and businesses we serve. Give us a call at 856-627-0303 when you need professional heating and cooling repair, water heater installation, sewer line repair, water line help, or other plumbing work in South Jersey. Vaughan Comfort Services is your one-stop shop, ready to address your home comfort systems.

What Are Some Common Plumbing Problems?

Whether you own a home or you are running a business, there are a number of common plumbing issues you might encounter in South Jersey. Drain clogs, a dripping faucet, and problems with your garbage disposal can all require the help of a plumber in Camden County. If you have a gas line emergency, leaky pipes, or issues with your hot water heater, it’s time to contact a plumber to come quickly to deal with the problem.

Fix Drain Clogs

Drain clogs can occur from food waste clogging up the system, flushing items that aren’t supposed to go down the toilet, and tree roots growing into the sewer line. Plumbing issues that are caused by a clog deep in the system should always be handled by a professional.

Dripping Faucet Repair

Dripping faucets are more than annoying. You can waste gallons of water a day with a simple drip. If your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, a plumber can take care of the issue for you. Issues with your gas line can be addressed with the help of a professional plumbing company.

Fixing Leaky Pipes in Home

Leaky pipes can cause damage to your home. If you discover water damage, it is possible that you need toilet repair or you have a leaky pipe somewhere in the home.

Can I Fix My Own Plumbing Problems?

You can try to handle your own plumbing needs, but there can be dangers to DIY plumbing fixes. When you try to fix your own plumbing, you could:

  • Make a bigger mess than you started with
  • Need tools that you don’t have
  • Damage pipes trying to unclog them
  • Hurt yourself trying to do something you are not capable of

Your plumbing system may have a leak, and you may not have the proper tools necessary to get the job done right. When you hire a professional plumber from Vaughan Comfort Services, you will have the peace of mind you need when it comes to your home and the plumbing system. If you have a plumbing emergency in Marlton, Sicklerville, Medford, or Sewell, we are the South Jersey plumber to call.

What Plumbing Services Does Vaughan Comfort Services Offer?

At Vaughan Comfort Services, we offer:

  • Sinks, Toilets, Tubs
  • Facets & Shower Heads
  • Clogged Drains
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Video Inspections
  • Water Heaters
  • Pipe Replacement & Repairs
  • Water Liner
  • Leak Detection & Repair
  • Gas Lines
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodel
  • And more

If you are interested in a tankless water heater, we can talk to you about the benefits of this type of heating system so that your home can have hot water. A tankless water heater provides hot water on demand, without the need for a traditional hot water tank. It is an efficient system that will cut down on your utility bills because there is no tank to keep at a consistent temperature.

Completing a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel?

For bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, a new air conditioning installation, or heating system installation, we will talk to you about the work you need to be done to complete your project.

One of our professionals will come to the home and assess the work that needs to be done. At Vaughan Comfort Services, we’re a full-service home comfort organization. Our South Jersey plumbing company is trusted by homeowners and business owners throughout the area, and we are committed to high-quality customer service.

If you have a plumbing emergency, it is important that you get the help you need right away. We work hard to build relationships with our customers so that you know in the event of an emergency, we are only a phone call away. A burst pipe, sewage backup, or a broken sump pump can all leave you with a mess in your home or business.

We are always ready for our customers in Voorhees, Haddonfield, Hammonton, Williamstown, and Cherry Hill to provide emergency service. We can check your gas piping, deal with broken pipes, and get your heat back on if your HVAC system fails. We are a dependable HVAC and Plumbing company you can call whenever you have issues with your home comfort systems.

Contact Vaughan Comfort Services to learn more about what we have to offer today. We provide plumbing services throughout Southern Jersey with our licensed and professional plumbers. For a fast, free quote call 856-627-0303 or complete the online contact form to speak with one of our HVAC professionals today.

The Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO

The Aqua Flo Platinum QCRO System can be configured to meet your specific requirements.

Ten interchangeable filters offer a variety of treatment options that can be tailored to local water conditions, so your water is the best it can be.

The innovative Quick Change twist and lock filter casing design makes service simple. Twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new. No messy sump removal. Aqua Flo Platinum systems make drinking water better and life easier.

Model # QCRO 4V-50 certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI 58 and CSA B483.1 for the reduction of the following substances, as verified and substantiated by test data: Arsenic V, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium III and VI, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Radium 226/228, Selenium, TDS, Turbidity and PFOS/PFOA.

* Check with a water treatment specialist to recommend you a RO or UF system depending on your untreated water quality.

2 Stage Water Filters

The perfect solution for effective reduction of chlorine, bad taste and odor. This whole-house filtration system provides economical, high flow solutions for sediment, taste and odor removal.

  • Up to 70,000 gallons of great tasting water
  • available with 3/4” or 1” porting
  • Flow rates up to 6 gpm
  • Large 20” filters for long lasting performance
  • For municipal water supplies
  • Filter # 1– Polypropylene 5 Micron Melt Blown(PPMB) Sediment Filter
  • Filter # 2–– Radial Flow (RF) Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter

485 HTO

Perfect for municipal hard water applications, the HTO and HTOK rid water of unwanted hardness and improve the taste and smell of water by removing harmful chlorine, chloramines and organic matter. Novo’s innovative valve connection technology makes the HTO a one-of-a-kind combination system that offers the same high-quality product water of having separate softener and filter units in a space saving, one-unit design.

An additional KDF protector on the HTOK system controls rotten egg odor caused by sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) that can occur in carbon filters on some municipal water supplies in warm water markets.

Save Salt, Save Water, Save Money

  • Lower Upfront Costs. Pay for one unit instead of two.
  • Lower Annual Costs. The HTO’s high efficiency design incorporates Up Flow regeneration and precision brining to use less salt and water than traditional softeners. Our unique two-tank system also lets you maximize the life of your softener and filter media by changing the carbon and softener resin at different times, unlike mixed bed units.


  • NSF certified control valve with electronic sensors, adjustable cycles & proven piston, seal & spacer design
  • Up Flow regeneration preserves unused portion of softening bed from unnecessary exchange saving salt
  • Backwash Frequency Preset for clean municipal water saves water by matching backwash to water quality need
  • Soft Water brine tank refill keeps tank & injectors clean
  • Automatic system refresh flushes stagnant water
  • NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank
  • IAPMO Certified cation resin
  • User-friendly backlit LCD display
  • Unique bypass with integrated turbine meter saves space, eliminates connections
  • Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain line, brine line power cord
  • Drain line o-ring. No need for Teflon.
  • Brine safety valve provides added overflow protection
  • Plastic salt grid prevents bridging
  • 48 hour self charging battery back-up
  • Includes hose clamp 10’ of drain tubing
  • Best HVAC contractors I ever had

    “Amazing customer service. From start to finish the team was professional and went above and beyond. They answered all my questions and ensured everything was done in an extremely professional manner. Marcus and Jeff were two of the best HVAC contractors I ever had. They replaced our entire Air Conditioning Coil and Outdoor Condenser. They even trouble shot the board when attaching to the existing furnace. I will recommend Vaughan heating and air going forward. Request Marcus and Jeff.”

    Joshua L.
  • Team was very kind and knowledgeable

    “We were having a toilet replaced in our main bathroom. Vaughan responded promptly to my quote request and the Team was very kind and knowledgeable regarding the questions I was asking. They emailed the estimate when they said they were going to email, they called back when they said they were going to call back, and they showed up right on time the day of the install. The plumber was very neat with his work area, kept us updated as the work progressed and finished in a timely manner. I would recommend them.”

    Janet O.

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