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What To Do When My Thermostat Is Blank?

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The summer months are perfect for relaxing, getting outside, and spending time with the family. However, this time of year can also be incredibly hot. When you need cooling relief, you depend on your air conditioner to perform. Nothing compares to feeling that cool blast from your HVAC system!

As your AC unit works tirelessly to keep you comfortable, problems can happen at any time. While there are several AC issues to consider, thermostat problems are some of the most common. No matter what thermostat issue you are dealing with, Vaughan Comfort Services is here to help!

To learn more about our air conditioning and thermostat repair services, contact us today to speak with a skilled HVAC expert.

What Happens If My Thermostat Will Not Change Temperature?

Is your thermostat not changing the room temperature? If so, you are dealing with one of the most frustrating thermostat issues. Luckily, troubleshooting the problem is fairly simple! This malfunction is likely due to the following:

  • A locked device
  • Thermostat is in auto mode
  • Lack of power
  • Loose wiring

If you notice that none of the above issues are happening, it seems another type of malfunction is going to occur. To ensure your thermostat and cooling system stay working as they should, Vaughan Comfort Services is here for you. We will examine your thermostat to find a quick and stress-free solution!

Why Would a Thermostat Stop Working?

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why a thermostat malfunctions. If you are dealing with a faulty thermostat and your home is uncomfortable, finding cooling relief is a top priority.

Check out the following common reasons why your thermostat fails to work properly:

HVAC System Stops Working

If your thermostat is not working at all, it could be due to your HVAC system. While some thermostats are powered by batteries, others run off energy from your air conditioner. If this unit is not working, then this may cause your thermostat to do the same.

To troubleshoot this issue with your standard or programmable thermostat, check to see which type of thermostat you own and how it receives power. If it is battery-powered, try replacing your dead batteries with fresh ones. If the device is wired to the home, it is possible there is a tripped breaker. You can fix this issue by going to your breaker box and flipping the switch.

Another possibility is a blown fuse. If you suspect this issue, call an HVAC professional for help. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration suggests that unqualified personnel should not try to fix this problem, as it poses a safety risk.

Short Cycling

Another common issue that many homeowners deal with is short cycling. Typically, an HVAC unit will go through three cooling cycles per hour, with each cycle lasting about 10 minutes. This means the AC compressor will work for 10 minutes and rest for 10 minutes, then this process repeats two more times every hour.

Short cycling occurs when this cycle is much shorter than it should be, causing the AC compressor to constantly turn on and off. This issue adds significant wear to your compressor, leading to cooling issues in the home. Unfortunately, this can also cause your thermostat to malfunction.

Dirty Thermostat

A dirty thermostat is another common culprit to consider. As these devices can last for several years, they can get dirty pretty easily. Whether it is dust, dirt, or other debris, these all can cause your electrical and mechanical components to malfunction. To solve the problem, give your thermostat a good cleaning. To accomplish this, remove the thermostat cover, clean the area with a small brush or compressed air, then replace the cover.

Old Thermostat

Do you have an old and aging thermostat? As most of these devices last for 10 years, it is important to replace them when the time comes. If not, you could deal with several problems, including a thermostat that stops working altogether. If you are interested in a brand new smart thermostat, Vaughan Comfort Services has you covered!

Why Does My Thermostat Keep Turning Off or Going Blank?

Another one of the common thermostat problems is when the device keeps turning or going blank. This could be due to a number of issues, including:

The Circuit Breaker Tripped

If you have a malfunctioning thermostat, check for a tripped breaker. Luckily, this issue can be solved with a flip of a switch! All you have to do is head to your breaker box and flip the tripped breaker to the normal position. If your thermostat display still looks blank, there could be another problem on your hands.

The Batteries Are Dead

Dead thermostat batteries are another common issue to consider. However, this is also an easy fix. Simply remove the battery cover and replace the batteries, which are typically AA or AAA. If you are still having the same problem, it may be time to call a skilled HVAC technician from Vaughan Comfort Services!

There Are Wiring Problems

If it is not the batteries or tripped circuit breaker, there may be wiring issues. However, unless you are an expert, you should leave this job to HVAC professionals. On many occasions, these specialists can fix wiring issues very quickly! Contact us today if you need assistance.

When Is It Time to Replace My Thermostat?

The older your thermostat, the higher the chance of experiencing problems. However, they should work properly for 10 years. If this time has come, consider purchasing a replacement. There are several high-quality new thermostat models today that provide a long list of features, and some even help you save on your energy bills!

Stay Comfortable and Cool This Summer with Vaughan Comfort Services!

Vaughan Comfort Services is here to keep you comfortable all year long! If you are experiencing issues with your thermostat, we can look at your thermostat settings, check the batteries, and examine your cooling system. When you choose us for your HVAC service needs, you can always count on us for a job well done. We can even help you improve your indoor air quality!

To learn more about common thermostat issues, or to schedule an appointment, call 856-627-0303 or complete the online contact form to speak with an HVAC professional today!

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