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Home Energy Assessments: What to Expect

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Over the last few months, we have seen an uptick in the number of homeowners inquiring about home energy assessments. This is great news, as a home energy assessment is an excellent way to identify ways your home can be more energy efficient. Today, we’d like to walk you through what a home energy assessment is, and what to expect if you decide to schedule one.

Benefits & Services

Home Performance is a program funded by Energy Star (NJ Clean Energy) that is available throughout the state of New Jersey and allows homeowners to save up to 30% on their energy costs — largely on heat and air conditioning.

Home Walkthrough

A qualified BPI, gold star certified contractor will assess your eligibility with a home walkthrough.  The walkthrough takes just one hour and is compromised of a series of tests to determine your eligibility for energy savings.

Improvements and Savings

With improvements like oil to gas conversions, replacement of heating and air conditioning units, and sealing of windows, your home energy costs will be reduced by up to 30%. Your home may require safety upgrades (such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors) to qualify safety upgrades (i.e. carbon monoxide and smoke detectors), those will also need to be completed.  The energy rebates you’ll receive from the state of New Jersey will total up to $5000* with 0%* financing over 10-15 years.

*Subject to change based on state regulation.

Home Energy Assessment Basics

A home energy assessment is an inspection performed by a certified HVAC consultant that will help you determine how well the systems in your home are performing, how energy efficient your home is, and what strategies you can implement to keep your energy bill low.

The duration of a home energy assessment will vary depending upon the provider. Here at Vaughan, our home energy assessments take about an hour and a half, and consist of two important phases. The first phase requires an examination of your entire home in order to evaluate all of your systems. You should be prepared to provide access to the basement, attic, crawl spaces, and all rooms in your home. You can expect your energy consultant to focus on any number of the following during the first phase of their inspection:

  • Air infiltration rates
  • Insulation quality, quantity, and location
  • Hot-water system efficiency
  • Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency
  • Carbon monoxide levels
  • Moisture infiltration

After a thorough inspection of your home and attention to these criteria, your home energy assessor should walk you through all of their findings and work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to address your home energy needs. This portion of the home energy assessment should be accompanied by cost and energy savings estimates to help you gain a full picture of which, if any, home energy investments you may want to consider making. Then, your inspector can help you to plan for these investments and make selections that are appropriate for your home and your budget.

Rebates and State Programs

In addition to helpful estimates, your home energy assessment consultant should also provide in-depth information regarding what rebates or state programs your state offers to offset costs or assist with the financing of energy improvements to your home.

If you are interested in discussing a no-cost home energy assessment, contact us to ask questions or to schedule your assessment today.

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