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How to Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

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We often tend to think of our HVAC system as little as possible, focusing on it only during installations and repairs. But with just a little maintenance and care, you can drastically extend the lifespan of your HVAC system, ensure a comfortable home for years to come.

With our handy guide to taking care of your HVAC, you can get the most out of your system.

Checks and Tune-Ups

While HVAC systems are relatively low maintenance, you should schedule two tune-ups per year; one for your air conditioner in the spring and another for your furnace in the early fall. Your technician will properly lubricate, clean, and patch the parts to ensure that your system is working properly. The earlier you do both, the better.

Filter and Condenser

You should change your air filter about once a month, and it should be your first step in cleaning your system. You usually can find the filter on the return vent near your HVAC unit. Regardless of your unit type, it will usually be located within the ductwork nearest to your HVAC unit. Conduct your first replacement at the beginning of the cold months and do so at the first of every month for the remainder of the winter.

Next, you should check your air conditioner’s outside condenser every season. The condenser is built to withstand the elements but can become damaged over time. Check regularly for grime, debris, or nearby growth. You should regularly remove the fan cade or grill to clean away buildup or grime. Always look for damage, bending, or cracks. Finally, thoroughly wash the exterior, clearing away any and all obstruction.

Reduce Strain on Your System

The conditions of your home will drastically contribute to how much wear and tear your HVAC system is put through. First, make sure to always control natural light in your home. Leaving your blinds open in the winter can contribute to nice, even distribution of heat around your home, and you can use bright surfaces to get the most out of sunlight.

Be sure to monitor how much heat the appliances in your home are generating. For any that generate a great deal of heat like lights, appliances, or televisions, keep them far away from the thermostat. Otherwise, they can throw off the sensor and jack up your usage.

You can also set your HVAC system to “auto” as much as possible and use devices like fans to supplement its usage. You should also inspect your home for leaks and escaping air at the beginning of every season. Check all windows, doors, and sealants to make sure that your HVAC system isn’t overcompensating.

Get a Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat, or smart thermostat, can be a massive boon for the energy efficiency and health of your HVAC system. These allow you to schedule usage around when you need it, minimizing excessive usage and waste.

Vents and Ducts

Clean ducts and healthy air circulation are a major contributor to the health of your HVAC system. Regularly inspect all the vents throughout your home and give them a thorough vacuuming. Look for any vents with an exceptional buildup of dirt or grime; this could mean it’s time to schedule a full cleaning of your ducts. You should also look at a full cleaning if it’s been over three years since your last one.

If you need assistance cleaning or maintaining your unit, or if you’re interested in updating your system, our team of professionals have the experience to resolve any HVAC issue. Contact us today to begin protecting your home.

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