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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Furnace?

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Has your furnace been continuously breaking down and now it’s time to make the change from old to new?  Well, we’re here to answer your biggest question – how much is it going to cost me to install a new furnace?  Check out our guide below to answer all of your questions!

Finding an HVAC company in southern New Jersey that you can trust is easy with Vaughan Comfort Services. We have been providing HVAC installation, furnace installation, and HVAC services you can depend on since 1937. We started off small with founder Elwood Vaughan and one modest truck. Over the years, we have grown into a company ready to handle all of your HVAC emergency and maintenance needs.

Today, we have a valued crew that offers quality heating and air conditioning services, plumbing, gas furnace installation, and more. If you are in the market for a new furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system, contact us today at 856-627-0303. You can also use our online contact form to request a quote for services.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Furnace?

The cost of a new furnace for your home can cost around $7,500, but there are several factors considered when it comes to providing homeowners an estimate for the cost. They include:

  • The brand of furnace you choose
  • The size of your new furnace
  • Special features of your furnace
  • The type of furnace

Hiring a professional heating & air conditioning furnace installation company is important. You want to make sure the job is done right the first time. For a smooth installation process, hire a professional to do the work for you. We offer financing options to make your installation easier. You can keep the cost of your furnace down by choosing a less expensive brand. Electric furnaces are cheaper but think about the cost of electricity over natural gas.

Benefits of a New Heating System

There are numerous benefits to a new heating system installation in your home. When your heating system uses natural gas, your energy efficiency will rise. Good efficiency makes it cheaper to keep your house warm in the winter. If you are always turning down your thermostat in an effort to save money, it’s time to consider an upgrade to your heating system.

When you spend less money on fuel, your energy bills will go down. It is cost-effective to invest in a furnace replacement if your current one is no longer efficient. While you spend money upfront, you save money over the long term on fuel costs. Keep your home warm this winter and invest in an efficient furnace for your home.

A furnace replacement makes your home more comfortable and will improve the indoor air quality. Your ductwork may need to be cleaned, as it gets dirty over time. As part of your installation, you can ask that the ductwork gets inspected and cleaned in the process.

Factors That Affect Furnace Installation Costs

Costs for a new system vary depending on the furnace you choose and how much it costs to dispose of your old furnace. An electric furnace is usually less expensive to purchase and install, but you have to consider the cost of fuel. The cost of electricity to heat your home is usually higher than if you use natural gas. A gas furnace costs you more money to buy and for installation, but the cost of natural gas is cheaper. Labor costs are also a factor when considering the installation of a new furnace. It will cost you less money to install an electric furnace, as the work is easier.

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Your Furnace

Buying a new furnace is the biggest cost of your installation. You might be tempted to do the project yourself, but a new unit should be installed by home service professionals in your area. Furnace installation companies are ready to handle the job. You aren’t going to save money by doing the installation on your own. It’s a job that has to be done right, or you can create an expensive mess to fix. You don’t want to end up breaking your new unit because you tried to install it on your own. Avoid costly mistakes by hiring an installation professional to do the work for you.

An HVAC contractor will give you a home estimate for the project and talk to you about the lifespan of your furnace. The estimate will give you a clear picture of the true cost of having a furnace installed in your home. You will be able to see what the furnace costs, how much labor will be, and an estimate for how long the work will take. If you don’t have the right tools, this work can take you much longer than it should. Don’t risk getting injured just because you are trying to save money on installation.

You will get a warranty when you work with our company, which covers you if your furnace installation needs work. If you try to do it yourself, you may not be covered under any warranty. We make sure you get the best price possible on your efficiency furnace, and you can expect to keep your costs down. On most occasions, the cost to fix DIY installs outweighs any potential energy savings.

Saving Money on Furnace Installation

To save money on the installation of a furnace, look over our financing options. You don’t have to pay cash for your upgrade, and you don’t have to use high-interest credit cards. We offer financing to make it simple for you to get the work done on your home that you need.

We have payment plans that make it easy to afford new furnace systems. If you can afford a monthly payment to cover the cost of your installation, we make this possible. We know you don’t want to spend your savings on a furnace for your home. Check out our payment plans to see if one works for you and your heating needs.

Consider the money you will save on energy bills when you invest in a high-efficiency system. The cost of running an old furnace can be astronomical. One of the first signs that you need a replacement is that your fuel or electric bill will skyrocket. If you run a furnace that isn’t efficient, you will waste money trying to stay warm every month.

Government rebates might be available. Ask us about any rebates that might exist right now that will save you money on your heating costs. You might be able to deduct some of the cost from your taxes if the government has any programs going on. We also offer some coupons and discounts on occasion. We will work hard to get you the best deal possible when it comes to saving money on your heating costs.

Why Choose Our South Jersey Furnace Installers?

At Vaughan Comfort Services, we have licensed and insured technicians with over 20 years of experience. We offer easy payment plans and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Emergency services are available for your heating & air conditioning, HVAC installation, and more. We are committed to high-quality customer service for every home we encounter. We take pride in our reputation, and we make sure every customer is satisfied. As a locally-owned business, we understand how important it is to take care of our customers.

If you have an old furnace, it’s time to test the efficiency of your heating unit. Running an old system can get expensive quickly. You can end up with costly fuel bills and end up paying for consistent repairs. If you have had to have a service technician to your home several times this season, it could be time for a replacement system.

We offer emergency services if you have a system breakdown. You don’t want to get stuck without heat in your home. Frozen pipes occur quickly without heat and can lead to a big mess in your home. When you work with a heating and cooling company you trust, you know exactly who to call in an emergency. We are ready to take care of your heating system, ductwork, and more if you have an emergency.

Get professional service from Vaughan Comfort Services, the HVAC service trusted by homeowners throughout South Jersey. Whether you have an oil furnace, propane, or you just need a tune-up, we are ready to take care of your home heating and cooling needs. Get your system serviced before the heating season begins to optimize your furnace and heating system. If you need furnace installers, we are ready to talk to you about your options. For residents throughout South Jersey, call 856-627-0303 or use our online contact form today.

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