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Best Practices for HVAC Warranties

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Previously, we explored how service contracts can be an invaluable investment to protect your HVAC appliances for years to come. Today, we’d like to dive into a related topic: HVAC appliance warranties. It is important that you follow guidelines to ensure that you do not mistakenly violate the terms and void your warranty. In this post, we will review three common actions that consumers must take to maintain their HVAC warranties.

Register Your Product

Believe it or not, many homeowners forget to register their product in the first place. In the whirlwind of installation, it is easy to forget. But forgetting has major consequences: if your product is not registered, you simply do not have access to the terms of the warranty.

If you do not have occasion to exercise the warranty for a few years, you may have a difficult time locating documents which provide a proof of purchase. This could create a real headache for you and the product manufacturer. Do yourself a favor and register your product for its warranty as soon as you have it installed.

Schedule Periodic Maintenance

Many manufacturers require homeowners to have basic maintenance performed on HVAC units a certain number of times per year in order to keep the warranty in good standing. The reason for this is simple: regular system check-ups help your systems run as smoothly as possible and prevent potential issues from cropping up.

Periodic maintenance should be performed by an HVAC professional. One great approach to ensuring your HVAC system receives the maintenance it needs is investing in a service contract.

In addition to scheduling periodic maintenance, it is important to file away evidence to demonstrate that it was completed.

Choose Manufacturer-Specific Replacement Parts

Many HVAC warranties are void if the consumer opts for an off-brand replacement part. This can happen easily–when small HVAC repairs are being made, it may be tempting to purchase a less expensive aftermarket part which may seem to work fine. But if the part is not manufactured by the company issuing the warranty, you are putting your warranty at risk.

Though these three warranty musts go a long way toward protecting your HVAC warranty, they are only general terms that most companies include. It is important to read the fine print of your specific warranty, and to reach out to the manufacturer with any specific questions. If you would like to learn more about the warranties carried by the products we offer, contact us.

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