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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making So Much Noise?

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Often, our clients contact us with concerns about a loud air conditioning unit. A noisy unit that operates at a steady volume is not always a cause for concern, but sudden increases in the amount of noise produced by your system point to potential issues large and small that should be addressed right away.

Causes for Commotion

The problem plaguing a noisy unit usually relates to the type of sound it’s making. If your unit is emitting any of the sounds below, contact an AC professional to have a closer look at the issue.

Grinding or humming noises suggest a problem with your unit’s motor.

There’s a possibility that the motor simply needs lubrication, but it can also mean that there are worn bearings in the motor. Hissing noises can point to issues with your unit’s ducts, but they can also signal a refrigerant leak that should be handled by an HVAC professional right away.

Rattling sounds can indicate that screws or other small, metal bits have come loose within the inner panels of your unit.

This is fairly common, as the unit operates with near-constant vibration when cycling on. Rattling could also be the result of trapped debris.

Clicking sounds

Usually heard inside the home, are part of the normal operation of the unit when it cycles on. But if you’re hearing clicking at other times or constantly, that signals an issue relating to the thermostat and its communication with the rest of the unit.

Any of these sounds should be addressed by an HVAC professional right away to avoid the possibility of further damage to your unit.

Preventative Measures to Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit

Preserving the optimal functioning of your air conditioning unit is possible with regular maintenance. You should be absolutely certain to change your unit’s filter on a regular schedule. At a bare minimum, this would be at least every two months. But keep in mind that lifestyles will impact how often your filter needs changing; pet dander and hair and smoke can both compromise your filter much more quickly than environments free of these.

nother approach to keeping your unit in good working order is to have an HVAC professional come in and give your unit a yearly check-up. That way, any potential issues can be diagnosed and addressed right away and you can rest assured that issues from debris or dust clogging up your system will be spotted and handled early on.

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